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( On March 28th, 2011…)

We were just 2 guys selling coffee out of a trailer at Extreme Thing in Desert Breeze park, and we spent the whole day wondering if we’d even make our vendor fee back.

Then the sun went down & a chill settled over the crowd, and suddenly everyone wanted something warm to drink.

The line in front of our trailer went from a handful of people to over a hundred deep, and people were waiting more than an hour to pay for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate that they wouldn’t get for another 30 minutes, at least.

We were swamped. Friends & family hopped fences & raided local convenience stores to get us more milk & water while we struggled to keep our generator fueled.

The crowd could not have been more patient, more sympathetic. They just wanted whatever caffeinated happiness they could get.

By midnight, we were out of everything. We didn’t even have any cups left.

But we lived to serve another day…

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