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Grouchy John's

It has been a long time coming to get street legal per the Health Department, but now I’m very close to being completed with the changes they requested on my initial plan review. I have a follow up Plan Review meeting this Friday and if everything goes well I will get my Mobile Health Permit and can start the process of getting all the city business licenses that are needed. I still have some work on the Mobile Command Unit to do before Friday but it will be ready. Of course nothing is for certain and I have not had good experiences with the person assigned to do my plan review but I’m hopeful that I will finally pass and can get out on the road.

So just to recap here is a list of the changes I needed to make and the equipment needed:

– FRP all cabinets, doors, and work areas. This so far has required 6 sheets of 4×8 FRP, 30 pieces of  8′ FRP trim, 5 gallons of FRP glue. This was a much more complicated than I first thought it would and subsequently has taken a lot longer.

FRP panel


– Remove 3 hand sinks and install a 3 compartment sink. Getting this sink was an adventure in itself. First I ordered the sink pictured below from a online store called Espresso Parts (I’m not linking to them because they suck) and after 4 days they still had not shipped the order. Keep in mind that this sink is drop shipped from the manufacturer so all it took was to email or call them and it would ship. After a terse exchange with their so called customer support and a call from some idiot named Jerry Z who works for them (whoever that is) I canceled my order and decided to see if I can get a sink somewhere locally. So I decided to buy a 3 compartment bar sink from a local restaurant supply store but had to return that one also because we could not figure out a good way to install it in the Command Unit without some serious modifications.  So I decided to go back to the drop in sink but this time I ordered it directly from the manufacturer (Moli International). It took a grand total of 2 days from ordering the sink to it being delivered to my front door. It still took 3 of us about 10 hours of work to finally install the sink and make sure it was plumbed correctly and there were no leaks.

Moli 3 Compartment Sink
Old Sinks
New Sinks

That’s about it. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it took some serious work to get to this point. Now all I need is a little luck and we can get on the road.

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