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You know I count on friends, family, and trusted customers to tell me when one of my drinks is not up to par.  I work hard at making sure everything tastes right but there are times when a drink might not taste as expected and I want to know about it.  I’ve never been one to say I make the best espresso, latte, cappuccino, or what have you, but I strive to constantly improve the taste of my drinks. Case in point, the other day in front of Slidin Thru HQ I had a customer order a Honey Latte.  The Honey Latte is just honey, a dash of vanilla extract, steamed milk, and espresso.

Now I’ve had this on the menu for a couple of months now and made sure before putting it on that it tasted correct, which is to say that the honey, espresso, and milk compliment each other to provide a subtly honey sweet latte.  However for some reason I could tell that this customer was not satisfied with the drink and even when asked how it tasted she said it was good.  At that time I realized I haven’t made one for myself since my original experiments, so I made one and low and behold you could not taste any honey.  I was shocked (shocked I tell you) and at first thought maybe I didn’t add enough honey to the cup or maybe I didn’t mix the espresso and the honey so that blends together, so I added some more honey and still could not taste any of the honey sweetness.  It turns out that the honey I was using did not taste sweet at all (weird, huh?).  Now this honey is not the same honey I was using when first taste testing this drink and now I come to realize that everyone who has ordered a Honey Latte from me for the last couple months has been disappointed because of this non-sweet honey.  So armed with some new dark honey from the store I tried it again and this time it tasted properly.  So if your one of those people who ordered a Honey Latte in the last couple of months then I sincerely apologize for the drink not being up to my standards, but please come back and try another one and tell me what you think because like I said I’m always improving.

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