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Grouchy John

On Friday, July 29th, I was asked to do a live interview with the Fox 5 News morning show to discuss the Nevada Cancer Institues Food Truck Roundup happening that day. This event is put on by the Nevada Cancer Institute to bring attention to the quality care, education, and research that they do on their campus. Along with us that day were also Slider Truck, Snow Ono Shaved Ice, and Bens BBQ.

It all started with an email the day before from a producer from the show just asking if I would do the interview and of course I said yes. My first thought was why the hell would they want me to do this and then of course I realized they have never meet me so they don’t know any better. My second thought was I hope I don’t screw it up and tried not to think about it anymore. The day of the event we arrived at the Nevada Cancer Institute Campus an hour early to make sure to be all setup and ready before the interview which was to commence 15 minutes before we were supposed to be open. About 10 minutes before hand the camera man setup everything and told me what to expect. I was to do the interview from the location and be interviewed by the host in the Fox 5 studios. So he gave me a mic, put a ear piece in my ear so I could hear the host, and told me to look directly into the camera. Well now it was for real and I suddenly realized that maybe I should have given a little more thought into what questions could be asked so that I could be ready with some well thought out and insightful answers. I’ve never done that before but at that moment I thought it would have been nice to be prepared. Oh well too late now.

Suddenly I could hear music and then the voice of the host talking about the event and then before I knew it he was asking me a question. Now no one told me they would be addressing me by my business name, I just assumed they would be going by my given name and when he asked how I got the name Grouchy John I was taken aback. You can clearly see I was not prepared for that and said the first thing that came to mind which is what Brother JJ always tells people when they say I don’t look grouchy, which was you just don’t know him well enough. So far not off to a good start, but as I always say it’s not how you start it’s how you finish.

So after that I stumbled a little bit on the second question also, but when he asked if he could get a big greasy burrito off of one the trucks at the event I realized he didn’t know the difference between a roach coach and a food truck. Of course they both serve food and as such both can be called food trucks but the food off of the roach coaches can’t compare to the food being served by Slider Truck or Ben’s BBQ, not to mention the amazing stuff that is coming off of Tasty Bunz, Lulu’s on the Move, or any of the other trucks out there. He was disappointed when I told him he couldn’t get any of that here, but he did give me a chance to describe the quality of product that comes off Grouch-mobile and also the other trucks at the event. All in all it was a great experience and the it was a very very busy day for all of us there that day.

I want to thank the great people at the Nevada Cancer Institue for putting on the event, everyone who came out and visited us that day, and also Fox 5 News for putting my ugly mug on TV.

If you want to you can watch the interview here

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