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8520 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89123 | Lobby Hours 5am – 9pm | (702) 778-7553
6720 Sky Pointe Dr Las Vegas, NV 89131 | Hours 6am-6pm | (702) 350-1221

Grouchy John’s Coffee was founded by 2 local high-school graduates who met at UNLV as fraternity brothers, so our roots in Las Vegas run deep.

We started serving coffee at First Friday, a local downtown arts festival, and the backbone of our early catering business was the public school district, which hosted us for teacher appreciation days and elementary school carnivals, even when we were just a couple of dudes with an espresso machine and a table.

We serve locally-roasted coffee (CRCR) and locally-blended teas (Joy’s Teaspoon). We get our pastries from a local company that’s been serving Las Vegas since the late 1960’s (Carl’s Donuts), and our walls are decorated by local artists whose work we proudly sell without taking any commission.

Since our inception, we have participated in local charity events as often as we can, including the local AIDS walk and the most recent Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. We give to Child Haven as often as we possibly can. And we have a soft spot for people who serve in our armed forces and as first responders because we believe in their efforts to protect & strengthen our community.

After starting as a table under a tent before moving into a trailer, we finally opened our brick-and-mortar shop at the corner of Wigwam & Maryland Parkway, and we know that we owe everything to the community that has supported us.

This is why we see ourselves as more than just baristas. We see our shop as an expression of the best parts of our community, and we work hard to make sure that all of you who take the time to visit us are as comfortable & happy as we can make you. This is why we expanded our lobby. This is why we installed couches & armchairs and free wi-fi and extra power outlets.

And this is why we are so responsive to customer feedback. Indeed, about half of our menu items (including most of the Star Wars drinks) come from your suggestions!

So, please, come on in. Get yourself some caffeinated happiness. Bring a friend and play some of our games. Or open up your laptop and get to work. However you want to spend your time in our space, you’re welcome.

Whether you’re a local or just someone passing through, let us know how we can serve you. And make yourself at home.

Stay caffeinated, friends!

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