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Grouchy John's

As you know I’m just one man fighting against the evils of bad coffee. Odds are stacked against me at every turn in this fight but to my advantage I have what I like to call my Weapons of Mass Caffeination.  It all starts with the Leon, the espresso machine:


This beast is a Nuova Simonelli Appia two group volumetric compact espresso machine. It is made in Italy and comes with a 7.5 liter boiler, a regular steam wand, a smart steam wand, and a push pull steam lever. I’m able to make shot of shot of espresso on Leon without ever having to worry about him failing. Leon is the heart of my operation but would be nowhere without Leeloo my sexy sleek Mazzer Super Jolly grinder.


This beauty is built like a brick house. She has a huge bean hopper, 64mm hardened steel grinding burrs that can grind at up to 1600 rpm, and a powerful 350-watt motor that won’t quit. I’m telling you all she wants to do is grind coffee beans all day long, she’s insatiable!!

Next up is the true workhorse of the operation, Tony the Bunn coffee maker.


Yeah he ain’t  much to look at but once heated up he makes a pot of coffee in under 2 minutes. He’s quick, reliable, and can keep two pots of coffee hot for hours on end.

Now for the latest weapon in my arsenal may I introduce Nikita my Vita-mix portion blending system.


I saved this beauty from a life of wasting away in a dirty warehouse with other undesirable used restaurant equipment to give her a new life fighting for the cause. She is still in training but will soon be out in the field delivering frappes and smoothies to the masses. With her 5 gallon ice bin and ability to make up to 4 smoothies at once I’m sure that she is the key to turning the tide of war against the evil coffee empire.

Armed with these instruments I have a fighting chance. Be sure to come out to the next event and join the cause.

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