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It really does and it has been so important to us in our success so far. We use Twitter as the main way to communicate to our followers. We do use Facebook also but I always feel strange posting either the twitter feed or several messages a day on Facebook because I think people get irritated by that really fast and will block our posts. So I try to really limit my posts on Facebook to once or twice a day, but Twitter is made to just spew whatever comes to your mind to all of your followers and it is expected. As it stands right now we have 438 followers on Twitter and 194 likes on Facebook and I appreciate everybody who follows/likes us. To tell the truth it still amazes me when someone comes to visit us just because of what we posted on Twitter or Facebook. Other than making drinks that people enjoy, seeing people who love what we do and follow us makes all the hard work worthwhile.  We truly appreciate all the love you guys have sent us and all that you do to promote us. Please keep mentioning us, posting pics, and above all coming to us to get some caffeinated happiness. Without you we don’t exist and we strive to keep you happy and want to keep growing and improving.  See you all soon.

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