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It’s kinda hard to try to grow a business when you’re consistently working remotely and your only touch with the online world is your cell phone. Yes I know that I can pretty much do everything on my cell that I can do on a computer hooked to the internet. I can access all my email accounts, I can use Twitter and Facebook easily, I have access to my online Calendar and Contacts, but the one thing I can’t do on a cell phone is watch 4 NFL games at once!! For that you need a laptop, a little internet trickery, a very fast connection to the internet, and be willing to spend some money to make it happen.The laptop I already had so we’ll just skip to the next part. In order to stream live games to my laptop I needed to sign up for NFL Game Pass. The only problem is that if you live in the US you can’t stream the games live. This is where the trickery comes into play. I use a service (one of the many costs in this setup) that redirects my internet stream to make it look like I live in Amsterdam. Once that was figured out, I was able to purchase (cost #2) the NFL Game Pass for all regular season, post season, and the SuperBowl. Now all I needed was a fast internet connection that I can take anywhere. I could use my cell phone as an access point which has an unlimited data plan, but the service provider severely throttles the speed after 5Gb, so that is not an option. I researched a LTE hotspot from Verizon but it was to expensive to go month to month. I settled on getting a Clear hotspot and their month to month mobile service (cost #3), which so far has not been too bad (not great either). As evident from the picture above I am now able to use my laptop in the Grouch-mobile to check email, access Twitter and Facebook, schedule events on my online Calendar, add new contacts to my online Address Book, and yes, watch each and every NFL game for the entire season. God I love technology!!!!!!


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