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The Good, The Bad, And The Grouchy

I’m going to skip the good and the bad because that’s boring and just dive straight into the grouchy, specifically my top 5  famous grouchy personalities that I look up to:


5. House – The only reason to really watch this show is the pure grouchiness that is House. I don’t know why he is portrayed as brilliant doctor because he is wrong 4 out of the 5 diagnoses he gives, but when it comes to being grouchy he right 100% of the time. I only recently started watching this show or he might have been higher up on the list.

Darth Vader

4. Darth Vader – Sure he is more evil then grouchy, but you have to agree he has a the perfect disposition to put him on the list. When he isn’t killing Rebel soliders, accosting the random princess, or just being in a general bad mood he is the epitome of grouchiness a long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

Rooster Cogburn

3. Rooster Cogburn – Although I’m a fan of John Wayne I would have to say the recent version of Rooster Cogburn played by Jeff Bridges in the Coen Brothers remake of True Grit is a true master piece of grouchiness. If you have not seen the movie there is one scene that sums up why he is #3 on the list. He is in an outhouse while the main character Mattie Ross is trying to talk to him through the door. After some dialog back and forth Rooster Cogburn has the following classic line: “There is no clock on my business! To hell with you! To hell with you! How did you stalk me here?” If that is not grouchiness personified I don’t know what is.

The Grinch

2. The Grinch (the orignal not the overacted, comically empty, headache inducing Jim Carey version) – I’m not quite sure why these first two guys are green but they do lead the pack in terms of being grouchy.  The Grinch himself would have come in first up until the point where he went all soft and returned all the presents. What a loser.

Oscar the Grouch

1. Oscar the Grouch – Probably the most famous grouchy character ever and one of my all time heros. He was instantly my favorite Sesame Street character and in my opinion the most realistic on that show. I mean come on who wouldn’t have a bad attitude being around all that effing kindness. It’s like they film that show in Canada or something.

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