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Grouchy John's

This weekend we have two events that we will be working.  The first is Four Square Day on Saturday (4/16…kind of symbolic huh?). This will be held at Plant World on West Charleston from 3 PM to 11 PM. There is going to be 16 food trucks which by my count makes it the biggest food truck event in Las Vegas to date. There will be all your favorites including Top Notch BBQ, Sloppi Jo’s, Tasty Bunz, and BBQ Boy. Also there will be a contest between all of the trucks to see who can collect the most canned food items for Three Square. To encourage donations bring a canned food item and drop it in our window and we will give you a free 12oz drink (1 drink per person).

The next event is the AFAN Aids Walk on Sunday (4/17). Brother JJ and I walked in this event last year and had a blast, so I’m very glad that we will be serving up caffeinated happiness to all the walkers this year. We will be there from 8 am to 10:30 am and will be handing out free samples (haven’t figured out what or how yet). In support of AFAN we are donating 20% of all of our proceeds. Also we are sponsoring a team for the event and if you sign up for our team to walk we will give you a free 12oz drink the day of the event.

Remember life is too short for bad coffee, so please come visit us at one or both of these events.

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