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The Year of the Grouch

Just a quick post of some of the milestones and memories from the past year: I started off the year with a trip to LA for some serious Barista training from Klatch Coffee and to purchase a trailer that will be transformed into the Grouch-mobile. With a couple of months of fixing it up and getting permits it was finally able to hit the road.

Finally on the road we have learned a lot of things. First off is “things sometimes go wrong”. No matter how much you plan for day out or an event there is always a good possibility that something will go wrong. Sometimes its mechanical, sometimes its environmental, sometimes it human error. Here’s our list so far:

  • Flat tire on the Grouch-mobile on the way to an event (detailed here, here, and here)
  • Flat tire on the Tahoe in the middle of the freeway and no way to change it (that was fun), while Brother JJ and Princess Amy we’re stranded at an event serving up drinks without my help.
  • Water pump fails and have to replace with the water pump from Leon (the espresso machine) which means no espresso machine.
  • Electrical surge off of generator causes entire electrical system in the Grouch Mobile to fail on one of the hottest days of the year and at one the busiest events of the year.
  • Events canceled at last minute
  • Being told 10 minutes before the start of an event that I can’t sell smoothies on a hot day at Bite of Vegas (still mad about this one)
  • Rain and wind
  • And finally there is always something that is forgotten that is critical to the operation, like coffee, or cups, or gas, or menu boards.
But with the bad is also the good and a big part of the good is all the other food trucks we work with. We would not be where we are at today (still in business) without the help and support of these guys:
  • Tasty Bunz – EJ has been great and we have worked with him and his crew more then anyone else
  • Slider Truck – These guys rock the game out here and always show us “much love” when we work together
  • Curbside Cafe – Doug has been helpful with his knowledge and getting us into events that he is working.
  • Just Chill Snow Cones – Warren and DJ have been another wealth of knowledge for us
  • Snow Ono Shave Ice –  Who doesn’t love these guys
Unfortunately during this passed year, I’m sad to say we have lost a few trucks that are no longer on the road with us and I want to say a good bye and good luck to them:
  • Cheesesteak Truck
  • Munchezze Truck
  • Sloppi Jo’s Truck
  • Top Notch BBQ
  • LBS Patty Wagon (although still here just not on the road)
  • Lulu’s on the Move (although still here just not on the road)
  • Hashinki Taco
  • Dianas on the Go
  • Island Breeze
  • Fish Fry Fridays
This year was also the year of my TV debut promoting the Nevada Cancer Institue for their Food Truck Fest and my radio debut on KNPR as a corporate sponsor for their pledge drive. During the year we have also supported other non profits and charity organizations such as AFAN for their AIDS Walk, several schools for either fund raisers or teacher appreciation, along with throwing our on Back to School Supply Drive called Help Us Do Some Good back in August.

My Favorite moment of the year will is always seeing someone enjoying one the drinks we made for them. That always makes my day.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2012 with the new store opening and juggling that with keeping the Grouch-mobile going will make for a year not to be forgotten.

Thanks everyone for your support and please my friends stay caffeinated!!

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