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8520 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89123 | Lobby Hours 5am – 9pm | (702) 778-7553
6720 Sky Pointe Dr Las Vegas, NV 89131 | Hours 6am-6pm | (702) 350-1221

Hot Drinks are what we do best! Try one of our many options below and you will not be disappointed.

Espresso – A fresh shot of espresso always tastes great.
Hot Coffee – Brewed fresh throughout the day and delicious at anytime
Americano – A fresh shot of espresso with water
Café Latte – A fresh shot of espresso with your choice of steamed milk and a little bit of foam
Cappuccino – A fresh shot of espresso with your choice of equal amounts of steamed milk and foam.
Chai Tea Latte – A strong black tea combined with spices and sweeteners with your choice of milk.
Dirty Chai Tea Latte – A Chai Tea Latte combined with a fresh shot of espresso.
Hot Tea – We always have a nice selection of loose leaf teas for you to choose from
Grouchy John Latte – The drink so good we made it our signature drink. It combines White Chocolate and Amaretto together with espresso and steamed milk. Get this now!
Almond Roca Mocha Latte – Rich chocolate combined with the classic Almond Roca flavor with espresso and steamed milk.
Mocha Late – Rich chocolate with espresso and steamed milk
Caramel Mocha Latte – Combining rich chocolate and caramel with espresso and steamed milk
Salted Caramel Latte – Delicious caramel with a hint of salt with espresso and steamed milk
O.G. – Caramel, salt, and vanilla make a delicious combination. With espresso and steamed milk
Curious George – For our curious friend we made drink that combines honey, banana, espresso, and steamed milk
Evil Monkey – For those who live on the edge we combine our Dirty Chai Latte with a shot of banana flavor.
Honey Latte – A little honey, a little vanilla, espresso and steamed milk combines to make such a great latte
Spiced Apple Cider – Tasty, hot, and hits the spot every time.
Hot Chocolate or Steamer – Your choice of flavors combined with hot milk.

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