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One Long Day Part III

I swear this will be the last part of this post, but to catch up here is the link to Part I and Part II.

Now back at my parents house with supplies in hand we once again get back into repairs. The plan is to drill a hole through the damaged panel and into the trailer frame and then to screw the panel to the frame. With drill in hand Brother JJ goes at it and drills through the panel with no issue but encounters some serious resistance when he hits the trailer frame.

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One Long Day Part II

To read Part I of this blog post go to One Long Day Part I

As stated previously we finally made it to the Costco Food Truck Fest with 30 minutes to spare before the start of the event. Normally we like at least an hour before an event to make sure we  have everything setup and tasting right before serving, but today we just had enough time to get all the machinery warmed up, start brewing and hope for the best.

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One Long Day Part I

This past Saturday (4/2) was one of the longest, most frustrating, and enjoyable days of my life. I’m going to cheat a little bit by including the First Friday event in the longest day equation because to me it was all one in the same. This will have been our 6th First Friday event and we have come a long way since the first event. All in all it was uneventful and not as busy for us as past First Friday’s, but fun just the same.

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